About Us

Opening the doors in 1960, Kellett Enterprises, Inc began as a manufacturer of vibration isolation products and supplier for the textile industry. After many years manufacturing products for these markets as well as many other industrial markets, Kellett realized there was a need for vibration products in the home.

In 2005, Kellett started receiving calls from consumers asking for our help in reducing the vibration caused by front load washing machines and appliances. Working alongside with some of these consumers, Kellett developed the KE Shake Away™ Washing Machine Pad. It was a huge success and we were the first company to develop and market a closed cell material to resolve this growing problem.

From there, we continued to work with consumers on other areas in the home that needed vibration reduction. KE Shake Away™ Utility pads were developed for other areas in the home, such as workshops, pool pumps, air compressors, and HVAC equipment.KE Slip Guard™ pads were developed for consumers who were complaining about furniture slipping and sliding on their hardwood, vinyl and ceramic tile floors.

Today, Kellett continues to operate a 11,000 sq ft building in the beautiful upstate area of Greenville, South Carolina.

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