Feedback from Customers of our KE Shake Away™ Pads

“We have used the Kellett pads for 18 months and they have had a major impact on the noise and vibration reduction from our Bosch front loader washing machine and dryer.  The noise dampening has been incredible. ’’

“I received the KE Shake Away™ pads late this afternoon, and couldn’t wait to try them out.  I have just finished my second wash load … and there is no longer any vibration throughout the house during the spin cycle. The pads are great … they seem to absorb all the vibration, thus only the actual washer will vibrate during the final spin, and it runs so smoothly.”

“ I don’t know if you have a sales force or not, but EVERY major appliance chain or store in America needs to stock your pads.  This vibration problem with front loading washers is quite significant, and not many salespeople in the stores are familiar with products to stunt the vibration.  I’ve had sales associates tell me to change back to a top loader; change what floor of my house the unit is on; re-level the unit …and much  more…I’ve even heard sales associates tell me that they won’t sell a front loading washer, because of the complaints from the vibration. You’ve solved the problem.”

“Hello just wanted take time to advise how great your KE Shake Away™ pads are working on our pedestal mounted front end load washer. The difference is truly dramatic and has virtually reduced floor vibrations 99.9% even in the high speed spins.  Thanks again for a TRULY AMAZING PRODUCT.”

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